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Julian Assange has been imprisoned in British Guantanamo for three years. It’s a crime against us all


Today is another landmark in one of the worst miscarriages of justice ever perpetrated by our so-called democracies in the West

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Don’t Paint it Green: DiEM25 launches campaign against the EU’s destructive energy taxonomy


It’s time to campaign against the European Union's greenwashing of gas and nuclear energy

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Free Mimmo: Charges against Italian mayor for supporting refugees must be dropped


DiEM25 stands in solidarity with the former mayor of Riace, Mimmo Lucano, who is facing 13 years in prison for helping refugees 

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Jason Hickel joins the DiEM25 advisory panel


We’re delighted to announce economic anthropologist Jason Hickel as the latest addition to our Advisory Panel

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We condemn Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and call for civil society to organise for peace


No More Wars – Sign the petition! We condemn Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and call for civil society to organise for peace.

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Stop the War in Ukraine


Stop Putin's invasion. Stop NATO escalation. Peace via a people's diplomacy!

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No War! No Expansionism!


The solution exists and is simple: No NATO expansion into Ukraine. And an immediate return of Russian troops to Russian soil. No war.

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No offence



Generating offence is a weapon of the Establishment – and they’re using it on you. Here’s how to fight back.

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Six years of DiEM25: Where did we come from, and where will we go next?


DiEM25's Coordinating Collective looks back at six years of activity across Europe, and our prospectives for the future!

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