The results of DiEM25’s 2022 Coordinating Collective elections

Members from across Europe and beyond have had their say

The long-awaited results of the 2022 Coordinating Collective (CC) elections are in, with a total of six posts filled following the August vote.

The successful candidates embody our organisation and the most pressing matters that we aim to make an impact on, from environmental issues to tech sovereignty.

Below, you can find out more about each of the six CC appointees chosen by DiEM25 members to guide our movement in the months ahead!

Julijana Zita – 1,100 votes (62%)

“People are angry and fed up and honestly, so am I. Our new manifesto resonates strongly with me and I am looking forward to see how it translates in our work as a movement and in the parties. As the previous one, it bares hope, but it also has a clear message, that I hope reaches as many people in Europe as possible. We have to oppose those people, who are willing to sacrifice our collective future for their own pleasures and benefits, be it oligarchs or corrupt politicians. At the same time, we need to be allies to the many, who share our fights.

“What I see as very important tasks for the next two years, is for us to be bolder and louder than ever, to expand the membership, reach more people, gain supporters and of course, to win local elections and run in the European Elections 2024 with more success than the previous time.”

Danae Stratou – 1,056 votes (60%)

“I have been a founding member of DiEM25 since its inauguration in Berlin in February 2016. Together with a small group of DiEM25 artists we initiated and founded DiEM – Voice, the artistic platform of DiEM25 and worked on implementing related actions during various of DiEM25’s events throughout Europe.

“After all these years of supporting the movement from the backstage, I feel the time has come for me to contribute on a more practical hands on level. I feel this can be accomplished by becoming part of the CC in order to support and help the movement grow stronger at a crucial time for Europe and indeed the world.”

Defne Dalkara – 939 votes (53%)

“I’ve been a member of DIEM25 since 2017 and have attended events on and off again for several years. I’ve been actively involved as a volunteer for over a year and a half as part of different groups including: Diem25 France, Rentvolution, the Translators collective and the Green Jobs TC.

“I am proud of our Green New Deal for Europe proposal and I would like more than anything to get it out there, to the most amount of people possible. Ideally I would like to see it going into the European Parliament with MeRA25 but I would also like to see in full or parts of it taken up by parties, groups, municipalities, trade unions.. But more so I would like to talk about it to people living through this summer, overwhelmed and alarmed and to start a real conversation about how to change our economic system. That we must end the era of TINA or it will end us.”

Jochen Schult – 901 votes (51%)

“Elected to the NC of DiEM25 in Greece in 2017, I have been responsible for setting up & organising our Electoral Wing (EW) with different comrades in different teams & phases.

“In 2019 MeRA25 in Greece our efforts & all our commitment was crowned with the entry of 9 MPs into the Greek Parliament.

“My strongest wish is that DiEM25 will take part in the EU elections with more than seven EWs which will bring us a better result than in 2019. I will be more than happy to support this effort as a member of the CC.”

Julia May Moore – 883 votes (50%)

“I have been a member of DIEM25 UK since 2017, an early member of the initial Provisional National Team, and current team. Our main team focus has been building the UK membership, with on-line calls and local team support. Pre-Brexit/Covid, the team held successful meetings in Newcastle, Manchester and Sheffield, to hold early-days discussions on future-forward shaping of the transnational model.

“Sitting on the CC has been a unique experience, and possibly a historic one. The aims and objectives of this, first transnational movement are bold, courageous and progressively radical. Working with a multi-national team extends my previous professional experience in international capacity-building and teaching. With a post-graduate degree in public policy-making, the Diem25 pillars- now developing into practical policy elements affords me the opportunity to put academic approaches into practice.”

Patrizia Pozzo – 739 votes (42%)

“I am a member of DIEM25 since March 2017, starting from being an activist I’ve been more involved as DSC coordinator in Palermo and then part of the national Collective in Italy till I was elected in the CC two years ago. I am in charge of DIEM25 press office in Italy and member of the European press team as well. I took part in the creation of some DIEM25 campaigns such as “Ponti aperti”, “The blue thin line”, “Lavoro Se” and “Free Mimmo” for which I worked connected to the Progressive International too. In 2018 together with Berardo Carboni a member of our advisory panel, we created Radio DiEM Italia Facebook channel which for almost one year had a weekly column. I’m currently part of the new coordinating group in Italy.

“We are in the middle of a big challenge both as DIEM25 as a movement and as a part of the coordinating group in Italy. We are now working towards the launch of MeRA25 in Italy. I would like to follow up with the work I started and bring this process ahead.”

Runner-up candidates

While the following candidates did not win election to the CC this time around, we thank them all for participating and hope they’ll continue working with us. DiEM25 needs you and your commitment to make our movement better!

Federico Dolce (40%), Steef den Uijl (37%), Dominique Burney Mathioudaki (35%), Beral Madra (31%) and Michele Fiorillo (30%).

Background to the vote

Following DiEM25’s Organising Principles (OPs), six of the twelve seats in the movement’s CC were up for renewal this summer. Candidates could send their submissions from June 30 until July 24, and the voting period was between August 8 and 21.

Candidacies to the CC were open to all DiEMers who adhered to basic criteria like how long they have been a member of the movement, and how much time they could give to working on the CC, among others.

To ensure transparency and a genuine democratic process, voting was open to members that joined the movement before the elections were announced. Additionally, members’ accounts needed to be verified and active, for them to be able to vote.

As with all DiEM25’s internal democratic procedures, all transnational votes had equal value and were anonymised upon being cast. Furthermore, the results of the vote are in line with our OP’s gender-balance principles.

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