Your Election Our Lives: Perspectives on the planetary impact of the US election

From Mexico to Palestine, the US election will have an impact far beyond its borders.

This is why the Progressive International (PI) decided to host an event to discuss the implications of the US elections for people and their communities around the world.

The event included:

  • Tatiana Clouthier, Diputada Federal, Mexico
  • Guillaume Long, Former Foreign Minister, Ecuador
  • Dr. Yara Hawari, writer and activist in the Palestinian feminist movement Tal3at
  • Ammar Ali Jan, Haqooq-e-Khalq Movement, Pakistan

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Ammar Ali Jan

“For someone who is being bombed by a drone, it doesn’t really matter whether the person who is droning them speaks good English or bad English, is erratic on Twitter or is more dignified on Twitter. It’s a question of life and death.”

“For people in Pakistan, the one legacy of the Biden-Obama era is the illegal drone strikes. There were almost 800 drone strikes during the Obama era. Many targeted weddings, schools, council meetings of the elders. None of them were officially acknowledged.”

“The US language of inclusivity does not acknowledge the fact that no matter who comes into power in the White House will inherit a machine that is imperialist, violent, exclusive, racist, and which tries to dominate the lands and resources of others.”

Tatiana Clouthier

“We share a border… It doesn’t matter who is the president in the US and who is the president in Mexico. We have to work together.”

“Trump spoke very badly about Mexicans. That doesn’t mean that the numbers — the immigration problems — were better or worse with one or another president. Neither Republicans or Democrats have had a very… nice approach to immigration.”

“Something has to be done about the US profiting from gun sales to Mexico. We have to do something about guns being introduced into our country, because that creates many problems.”

“It’s still not clear what’s going to happen in the US legally. But we are ready to work with either president, with either party.”

Yara Hawari

“After one of the largest protest movements in US history calling for an end to institutional violence against black people and defunding the police, the Democrats have essentially elected a ‘Top Cop’ as Vice President.”

“Israel is seen generally as a Western outpost in an otherwise ‘savage’ Middle East. So maintaining Israel’s military qualitative edge in the region is really key to US interests.”

“Quoting president-elect Joe Biden: ‘We need to stop apologising for our support for Israel. It’s the best $3 billion investment we make. If there was not an Israel, the US would have to invent one. Israel is the US’s greatest strength in the Middle East’.”

“As many illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank were built under Bush as under Obama.”

“Biden is proposing to go back to the old framework of the supposed ‘Peace Process’, in which they pump money into the Palestinian territory with lots of conditions, effectively holding the Palestinians hostage.”

“The day of the US election, Israel destroyed an entire Palestinian community. This is a war crime under international law. An EU spokesperson called it a ‘regrettable trend’. He put a war crime on par with crocs or a gender reveal party.”

Guillaume Long

“Trump won Florida. That’s very bad news for Latin America because it means the neo-McCarthyist, anti-socialist, Cold War nostalgia message that Trump campaigned on, particularly with Cuba and Venezuela, triumphed. Biden will try to play that card.”

“Generally speaking, there is no real difference with Biden. No change in doctrine towards Latin America, with the US wanting a docile hemisphere rather than a democratic hemisphere. For progressive forces in Latin America, the US is not going to be our ally.”

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