Cyprus visit: Launch of DiEM25 branch and meetings on both sides of the divide

Our delegation was there for the launch of DiEM25 in Cyprus as well as meetings with organisations on both sides of the divide

DiEM25, along with our Greek political party MERA25, enjoyed a highly productive and successful three-day visit to Cyprus for the launch of the island’s branch of the movement.

The delegation, consisting of Kriton Arsenis (MP of MERA25 Greece), Erik Edman (political director of DiEM25) and Danae Stratou (President of mέta) held meetings with left-wing and progressive organisations, both Greek and Turkish Cypriot.

The main public political event of the official launch of DiEM25 in Cyprus took place on Wednesday, November 25, at the University of Cyprus Library in Nicosia.

Photo credit: Electra Stavrou

This was followed by an interesting political discussion, through questions from the guests and participants of the event.

“The voice of DiEM25 is here. We are politicking in the interests of the many and the protection of the environment, as a voice of the working class, the precariat and underrepresented social groups,” Arsenis stated.

“We call you for political action and rallying, to grow the local collective of DiEM25 and increase our influence on the political regime, inside and outside the decision-making circles. To form a strong component of a progressive anti-systemic front. To fill the ideological gap that is politically established in Cyprus today and to achieve a break with the oligarchy, through a democratic revolution, as the only alternative.”

On Thursday, November 24, the delegation visited the Akrotiri Peninsula of Limassol, which under the control of the UK government, where we received an update on the situation in the area from the environmental group Birdlife Cyprus and the Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre.

“The Casino is for the few, this place is for the many,” Arsenis said, in reference to the mega resort being developed in the city.

DiEM25 Cyprus is also in favour of the comprehensive and effective protection of the wetland of the Cape Limassol Peninsula and the Lady’s Mile beach from the (large-scale) adjacent residential, commercial and tourist developments.

We are taking a stand against large private interests and the interlocking oligarchy, for the public good, the local community and the flora and fauna of the island.

At the end of the day, an open meeting between members and friends of DiEM25 and MeRA25 was held in Limassol.

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