DiEM25 in Cyprus condemns unilateral €940 gross minimum wage

We condemn the unilateral setting of the monthly National Minimum Wage at 940 euros gross, by the DISY (Democratic Rally) government, serving the interests of employers and oligarchs, whom they politically (always) represent.

In summary, the decree setting the Minimum Wage does not mention number of hours or the hourly wage, lacks clear reference to cases where collective agreements are in force, leaves out large (and vulnerable) groups of workers (farming, domestic workers, shipping) and delivers legal cover for even cheaper work for young people.

The level of the minimum wage is a mockery to the working class as it has only actually increased by only 16 euros (after 11 years!) and in the current harsh conditions (rising general prices, high housing costs, low wages for the middle and lower class) it is out of touch with the reality of Cypriot life and leads the working class to further impoverishment and misery for the benefit of the few.

As DiEM25 Cyprus, we propose a generous increase of the minimum wage, covering all professions without exceptions, based on the Automatic Indexation according to the inflation of the month, a basic universal income for all without conditions, protection of Collective Agreements where they exist and direct democratic workers’ councils in all workplaces, for an unaffected (no mechanisms, self-organisation), democratic (horizontal participation of all workers) and independent trade unionism.

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