DiEM25 in Cyprus statement on the result of the Cypriot presidential election

After a disastrous election result, DiEM25 in Cyprus is gearing up to take a more central role in Cypriot politics

We express our dissatisfaction and concern regarding the outcome of the presidential election and the continuation of the disastrous policies of the Anastasiades-DISY government. Over the next five years, the prospect of peaceful coexistence of communities, public goods and services, workers’ rights, and environmental protection will be increasingly in peril.

All parts of the Right seem to be rallying to ally (albeit, informally) and, with a possible majority in the parliament, the consequent blatant misuse of power, the glad-handing, corruption scandals, privatisations, the conservative transformation of society through the realm of education, and the impoverishment of the majority of the people, will intensify and come to a head.

On the one hand, in the name of national unity, and on the other due to the total lack of political debate. But also due to the efforts of specific news media over a period of time, systematically shaping the prevailing environment that led Cypriot society (marginally, in the end) to the choice of a leader who escaped the collapsing DISY party at the right moment and secured the support of all the conservative-reactionary forces of the establishment.

Meanwhile, with the elections over, we observe DISY rapidly rebuilding itself after its epic defeat, while AKEL still seems to be in a dormant state, vacillating between denial and evasion.

AKEL suffered its third consecutive defeat in the most important elections in Cyprus, and indeed, by a former senior official of the previous government. The failure came after its leadership, following a long period of mediocre opposition, whilst also managing to divide the opposition front in the run-up to the elections.

In the end, it followed a well-trodden path, leaving itself open and vulnerable to attack from the Right, carrying out a months-long erosion of the Left’s ideology, as well as a political “hide-and-seek”, the avoidance of responsibility, and defeatism.

Only a truly progressive candidacy, through understanding and cooperation between the forces of the Left, the environmental movements, and the wider progressive forces could win, or at least create class consciousness and the conditions for optimism for the future overthrow of the ideological and institutional hegemony of the Right.

As DiEM25 in Cyprus, we look forward to being part of such a future effort and will, therefore, intensify our actions to increase our influence on the political status quo (inside and outside the decision-making centres), and achieve a break with the oligarchy as the only alternative, as a voice of the working class, the precariat and the under-represented social groups, in order to fill the ideological vacuum found in Cyprus today.

Our actions shall include proposals for democratisation of the economy, institutions and centers of power; a political programme aimed at social public investment; a higher ESF (with COLA for all); housing and unconditional basic income for all; investment and shielding of public health and education; protection of the natural environment and communal space, and support and promotion of culture and the arts.

We are for an anti-militaristic federal reunification (with political equality) that will integrate Cyprus into a New Non-Aligned Movement and leave all fossil fuels deep in the earth, with an immediate (and just) green transition to a “Green Europe”.

We call on all citizens who identify as progressives and democrats to join forces.

We call on the movements and collectives that fight for the public good, the interest of the many and the protection of the environment to join us in a common cause.

We call on everyone in the field of struggle to join us in building a progressive anti-establishment front, with kinematic and political action – for a democratic revolution!

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