European transnational solidarity in action: Athens Labour Day 2019

by Erik Edman

DiEM25 members from 20 different countries joined their MeRA25 counterparts in Greece to send a loud message to the Greek and European Establishment:

DiEM25 1st May Demo Athens 2019 [photo (c) Neal McQueen]

  • There is no struggle between the North and South, the West and East of Europe, but between Established and Authoritarian forces, and progressives. This fight knows no borders and neither do we
  • Greeks do not stand alone, and they never have. There are millions of Europeans who are not represented by the misanthropic and irrational austerity measures imposed on Greece (and across the EU) in their name
  • The fight for dignity and shared prosperity was not lost in 2015 – it is only just beginning, and DiEM25, with its constituent parties and allies across Europe, are at the forefront of it
  • At last, after the betrayal of SYRIZA, there is a party in Greece which offers political representation to those disenfranchised voters who do not wish to abandon the European idea to those who have mismanaged it for so long, but who also do not feel represented by blind loyalty to an EU that tramples its founding principles
  • Finally, in these European elections, Europeans are offered an opportunity to vote as one demos through European Spring: whether one votes in Greece for MeRA25, in France for Génération.s and DeME, in Germany for Demokratie in Europa etc. They are voting for the same progressive, transnational programme and vision for Europe

DiEM25 1st May Demo Athens 2019 [photo (c) Neal McQueen]

Our Greek party, MeRA25, issued a call to DiEM25 members a month ago to join them in the Labour Day march in Athens. Today we saw the overwhelming response to this call.

DiEM25 1st May Demo Athens 2019 [photo (c) Neal McQueen]

And this is only the beginning! This is the start of the final month of campaigning across Europe, with our efforts intensifying everywhere. In Greece, our team will be on the road for the rest of the month, visiting as many villages, towns and cities that time allows! The immediate, upcoming events in the country are:

  • Trikala, 2/05
  • Volos, 3/05
  • Chaidari (Athens), 5/05
  • Alexandroupoli, 6/05
  • Xanthi and Komotini, 7/05
  • Kavala, 8/05

If you live in Greece, or know someone who does, share this with them and ask them to join their voices to ours. In Greece, people say one that “one swallow does not bring Spring”. We bet, however, that a swarm of them will!
Click here to read our Green New Deal for Europe, our European elections programme.
Carpe DiEM!

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