Yearly Archives: 2020

Proteste in Bulgarien: Exklusiv-Interview mit den Koordinatoren des anhaltenden Anti-Korruptionsaufstandes


Das restliche Europa schaut teilnahmslos zu, während in Bulgarien Demokratie und Rechtsstaat mit Füßen getreten werden. Die bulgarische ...

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Radical internationalism in the face of climate breakdown: Why we need a Global Green New Deal

The Progressive International's Inaugural Summit underscored humanity’s now looming stark choice: “Internationalism or Extinction”.

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Protests against the extradition of Julian Assange in Bonn, Germany


DiEM25's local group in Bonn call for the freedom of Assange and that of all brave whistleblowers and investigative journalists around the world.

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No False “Pax Mediterranea”

Let us divert the billions poured on war preparations towards dealing with the human catastrophes we are witnessing in the Mediterranean.

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Noam‌ ‌Chomsky:‌ ‌Internationalismus‌ ‌oder‌ ‌Untergang‌


PI-Ratsmitglied Noam Chomskys programmatische Rede auf dem Eröffnungsgipfel der Progressiven Internationale.

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Bericht: Solidaritätsaktion für Julian Assange in Bonn

Unsere Bonner Ortsgruppe berichtet von ihrer Protestaktion am 19. September 2020.

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The existential threat facing humanity, and how we can fight back

It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of the human experiment depends on the outcome of this struggle between two internationals.

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Here’s to you, Julian Assange!

What they are doing to Assange is radically changing the political weather - perhaps we need new Weathermen.

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The Denier of Love, Capitalism!


Radical love and compassion is urgently needed to face imminent threats noted by Noam Chomsky; nuclear annihilation and environmental catastrophe.

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