Simply not good enough: a look at the policy programmes of German political parties

Angela Merkel’s chancellorship is coming to an end and it seems that the leaden atmosphere of her time in power has rubbed off on political parties in Germany. There is no vision, no ambition to change anything fundamental, no sense of a new beginning.

Yet all this is so desperately needed. We need a common major project to rebuild the infrastructure and the economy, for full employment and recovery. We need a Green New Deal.

We have looked at the election programmes of various parties and this is what we found:  what they offer is simply not good enough. But of course there are differences. Here is a comparison of their programmes with 6 demands from DiEM25’s Green New Deal for Europe.

Tick -> covered. Till -> partly covered. Dash -> not covered

In Germany, Europe and beyond: we are working for the world of tomorrow!

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that our problems are global. Only together can we solve them, there is no way around that. The political missteps during the pandemic have also shown that established parties are not capable of solving the dilemma. The climate crisis and global inequality have not gone away either.

We need a new era of change in the political system. We need a common major project to rebuild the infrastructure and the economy, for full employment and recovery! We have to reach the climate protection goals and create millions of good, secure jobs.

A new dawn, a voice for worker

Building on the Green New Deal for Europe, in November we will present DiEM25’s Electoral Wing in Germany. A political counter-proposal with the ambition to rebuild the social system and the economy and to fight for shared prosperity and social security. A party in Germany, anchored in the European movement DiEM25 and part of the Progressive International.

We need you to change European, national and local politics. Join here and participate!

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