Solidarity knows no borders: DiEM25 team marches with MERA25 members in huge Athens protest

Message by MeRA25’s Thomas Achtaridis after the visit of members of DiEM25’s Coordinating Collective to Athens

On the fateful night when the Secretary of MeRA25, Yanis Varoufakis, was beaten up in Exarchia, he was with the Coordinating Collective of DiEM25, the pan-European transnational movement of which MeRA25 is a part.

Today these wonderful comrades walked with us through the streets of Athens. What a beautiful moment.

They raised our flags, next to their flags. They linked arms with us. They shouted our slogans. They followed us without knowing where we were taking them. This is trust and comradery.

What a great thing, to feel like you belong to a great collective. That crosses borders, that supplies you with events and information, that cares about you and about what is going on in your country.

Transnationalism has no borders. Solidarity is not limited to ethnicities. Terrific moments.

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