Our team in Berlin made this creative protest action against war in Ukraine – here’s how you can do the same

Activists from DiEM25 and MERA25 sent out a sobering message in front of the Russian embassy in Berlin on Monday, with toys representing each loss of a child’s life throughout the current war in Ukraine.

“These could have been your children’s toys,” read the message, along with teddy bears, dolls and other toys covered in (fake) blood to highlight the senseless loss of life as a result of the war.

Even more striking was the fact that our 24 toys used for the installation were already out-dated by midday on Monday, as the death toll of children had risen to 38.

Unfortunately, the number of children perishing will rise and many more toys will be soaked in blood – real blood – if Russian president Vladimir Putin doesn’t stop the war promptly.

We have to confront the Russian government with the consequences of their terror and we’re calling on you to amplify the message.

We need you!

Please join us and do the same in your local Russian embassy, wherever you’re based! It’s a small, symbolic step but together we can try to make a difference. Our DiEM25 comms team will amplify any and all installations of this kind made by DiEMers.

In this forum thread we explain how to do it and share photos.

Sign our petition

We strongly condemn Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and continue to call for an immediate ceasefire, withdrawal of troops back to the Russian Federation and solidarity for the defenders of Ukraine’s sovereignty. If you’re with us, take a few seconds to sign our petition.

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