DiEM25 democracy at work: Members enhance participatory processes and strategies to boost the movement’s impact

Last November, at our first General Assembly, DiEMers from across Europe came together in Prague to re-group and start a process of restructuring our movement to boost its radical agenda to transform Europe. As a result, dozens of proposals called for a general rethinking of our internal structures, processes, as well as our external strategies.

DiEMers produced, debated and voted in a wide range of comprehensive proposals. Among other things, these aimed to enhance DiEM25’s own internal democratic processes to make them more participatory and to better seize our unique transnational collective intelligence.

In addition, DiEMers and the movement’s Coordinating Collective tabled proposals to furnish us all with new ways to deploy more campaigns, finance our struggle, and better organise ourselves. A proposal that improves the way we participate in electoral contests was also approved. It underscores the need to put out movement first and make sure our values and the policies contained in our progressive agenda and Green New Deal for Europe are not sacrificed in order to achieve potential political alliances anywhere in Europe.

“Postpandemic Europe is in a steady slide towards a greater impoverishment of the powerless and the reempowerment of the powerful. DiEM25 has a transnational programme, our Green New Deal for Europe, to end this slide, to reverse it. And now we have the internal democratic tools to do so as well.” — Yanis Varoufakis

Learn more about the proposals DiEM25’s members approved after our Assembly in Prague:

Campaign for Democratic Relaunch of EU – Towards a European Constitution
Upgrading our digital collaboration infrastructure
Rethinking the DiEM25 Academy: Proposal for a Permanent Transnational Education System
Solidifying DiEM25’s Electoral Wings (EWs)
Growing DiEM25 as a Network
Citizens’ Assemblies for Democracy in Europe

Now, this all happened before COVID-19 came about, a crisis which unmasked the EU’s lack of solidarity and humanism. DiEMers came together once more just at the right time to take our struggle for a united and just Europe to the next level.

The EU might be dying but a United Europe will be born!

After months of work and various discussions since our Assembly last year, DiEMers continued deliberating over ways to continue improving our movement. Stemming from these deliberations, last night DiEMers voted-in the following changes to our organising principles and our way of working, to further enhance the movement:

The six votes on our Organising Principles, can be found below:

The establishment of Task Forces on Feminism, Diversity, and Disabilities
The increasing of the tenure of Validating Council members
Future amendments to the Organising Principles through DiEM25 Member Assemblies or the PDP process
The improvement of the coordination of National Collectives and Electoral Wings with the Coordinating Collective
The introduction of a Membership Fee to make the movement financially sustainable
The establishment of a member-led process for organising All-Member Votes

We’re in the midst of an unprecedented moment in history, where everything is possible, and DiEM25’s struggle is more relevant than ever.

Now it’s the time to honour our membership’s painstaking hard work and get hands on with the implementation of these critical proposals and plans, while exploring opportunities across Europe through which we can bring the mission of DiEM25 to our neighbourhoods, cities, countries.

DiEM25’s membership has stepped up to reshape how to carry our movement’s ideals forward with new vitality. We have agreed on how we will get things done: now let’s go and do it!

If you have not done so already, join us now!

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