Last Month in DiEM25: November 2020

External Actions

We received 47 submissions for the first cycle of our Campaign Accelerator, a new project where we support individual DiEM25 members to design and run targeted campaigns on local issues they feel strongly about. 

Three submissions were chosen to receive customised support over the next few weeks: an initiative to block the construction of Yet Another Mall in Porto; an attempt to ensure a sustainable development model for a beautiful area in Northern Greece; and a push to stop arms companies running schools in the UK.

If you’re interested in working with these members on their campaigns, drop a note to And if there’s a local issue that outrages YOU that you’d like to send in for the project – a new round of submissions for Campaign Accelerator starts in January!

After the US Elections, Brian Eno released a statement to the DiEM25 membership.

The Progressive International’s Make Amazon Pay campaign made headlines around the globe as artistic actions, protests and strikes happened on at least 4 continents. Read about DiEM25 members protesting in Luxembourg!

DiEM25 called for an international boycott of Amazon on 27 November 2020: Black Friday!

In order to pay tribute to the 1973 student uprising, 7 MeRA25 MPs marched in Athens while wearing masks and maintaining social distance. They marched for the doctors, nurses, teachers and students being abandoned by a “government that does not support them.”

The Rent-volution! Campaign is ongoing. This is an urgent matter due to the second wave of lockdowns spreading throughout Europe, and the continued precarious nature of many peoples’ work. As part of this campaign, a protest was held in Portugal by DiEM25 members in collaboration with Action for Housing.

We launched a new season of DiEMTV — our radically hopeful and constructive Television programme that has brought you guests such as Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein — on Monday 20 November!

The Taskforce for Feminism, Diversity and Disabilities has authored statements on the Gender Pay Gap during the pandemic, the discrimination of LGBTQIA+ students in the Netherlands, and Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on the announcements of the new series of Movement Coordination Calls! If you have joined DiEM25 in the last three months you can expect an invitation for the teleconference where we will get to know each other and the way DiEM25 operates.

Internal Actions

Monthly coordination calls are being organised by the CC with members from all corners of Europe! During these calls we focus on the two big pan-European initiatives of the CC, namely the Campaign Accelerator and the Peoples’ Gatherings. Here is the schedule for the calls, we hope to see you in one of them, soon (please keep the days in mind, as these calls will recur on the same day every month, using the same link):

Italy: Zoom on first Monday of the month

Spain: Zoom on first Tuesday of the month

Germany: Zoom on first Friday of the month

France: Zoom on second Monday of the month

UK (+Ireland): Zoom on second Tuesday of the month

Greece (+Cyprus): Zoom on second Friday of the month

Belgium (+ Netherlands and Luxembourg): Zoom on third Monday of the month

Portugal: Zoom on third Tuesday of the month

Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland (even months) OR Scandinavia and Baltic States (odd months): Zoom on the third Friday of the month

Turkey: Zoom on fourth Monday of the month

Central and Eastern Europe: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Ukraine: Zoom on fourth Tuesday of the month

Register for your country’s call through our calendar!

Continuing to build on our citizen engagement campaign (mentioned above) that sets out to build national programmes in collaboration with Europeans for DiEM25! We are now developing our Toolkit for organizers into a functional visual output! Are you from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland orTurkey? Or do you have experience of living in these countries? We would love for you to send us your feedback about these countries using this form, so we can start developing the “Peoples’ Gatherings” project in these countries too!

A new DSC (DiEM25 Spontaneous Collective) was introduced in Stockholm! Welcome Stockholm 2 DSC to the DiEM25 community! Do you want to start a local group in your city or region? Contact us via

This Month in DiEM25: December!

Our DiEMTV programme brings you four new series — check them out and register now!

Catch The 2020 Holberg Debate with Yanis Varoufakis vs. John Bolton: ‘Is Global Stability A Pipe Dream?’.

General Assembly for DiEM25 France members, register here.

If you wish to send a point to be included in the next newsletter, or want to help to draft it, please contact us at

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