No War! No Expansionism!

This statement was published on February 22, 2022. Read our statement following the Russian invasion of Ukraine here.

The European Union’s original promise to the peoples of Europe was a simple but powerful one: Never again will war plague the European continent. Today, however, we see an impotent and divided EU watching helplessly from the sidelines, unwilling and unable to stand up to NATO and Putin.

We observe anxiously an EU sliding into irrelevance, stuck between both NATO’s and Putin’s militarist expansionism. This is not the Europe that Europeans were promised.

The solution exists and is simple: No NATO expansion into Ukraine. And an immediate return of Russian troops to Russian soil.

This is the solution that resonates not only with the interests of the peoples of Europe but also with those of our comrades in Ukraine and in Russia who find themselves either imprisoned or scared for their lives, in regimes that revive the worst of Europe’s history.

Will the EU’s leaders find the courage to articulate this sensible, reasonable “NO WAR” solution? Not likely. That’s why Europeans need movements like DiEM25: to fight for their interests, not for the interests of warmongers profiting from escalating tensions and, yes, even war.

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