Don’t Paint it Green: DiEM25 launches campaign against the EU’s destructive energy taxonomy

With DiEM25 having taken the stance that nuclear energy is not ‘green’ after a members’ vote, it’s now time to campaign against the greenwashing of gas and nuclear.

DiEM25 has launched ‘Don’t Paint It Green’, a campaign against the greenwashing of gas and nuclear that will pressure Members of the European Parliament until they commit to stopping an energy taxonomy labelling nuclear energy and gas as ‘sustainable’.

While the world focuses its collective attention on war, the European Union is sneakily introducing a taxonomy labelling nuclear and gas as ‘sustainable’. We are going to stand up to that. Nuclear energy is a starting point for destructive nuclear weapons, and gas is a harmful fossil fuel.

Are you bothered that your country is dependent on Russian gas? Then you should be bothered by it being dependent on any gas. Corporations are lobbying the EU for more money and more infrastructure for these energy sources as we speak. We need renewable energy, not these things that they try to pass as green.

Nuclear energy is unreliable, expensive, dangerous and slow to install. And gas is finite, destructive, and contributes to the problem that the European Commission claims to want to solve. Let’s be clear: they can’t neither serve the green transition, nor be ultimate solutions to our crisis.

DiEM25 co-founder Yanis Varoufakis commented on the EU’s hypocrisy over its energy policy.

“The re-classification of gas and nuclear as ‘green’ is a sad reminder of the cartel-like architecture of the European Union. Behind the façade of a union of democracies lies a union of Big Business. Behind the myth of a Europe of peoples lies the Franco-German axis that pushed for a sordid quid-pro-quo: Paris agreed to green-wash the Russian gas on which German industry runs. And Berlin agreed to greenwash the French nuclear power industry. Hypocrisy thy name is EU green energy policy.”

Experts and people across Europe who oppose this destructive taxonomy all depend on politicians to stop it in its tracks.

However, you are not powerless and we are calling on you to make a loud and powerful statement by emailing your MP, signing a petition, and tweeting at Ursula von der Leyen that you don’t want this.

But that’s not all: We’d like you to join us on streets across Europe and/or digital spaces to help us spread the message and stop them from painting it green! Our planet is counting on all of us. So, join DiEM25 to get organized!

Please, help us build this campaign by taking part in our actions, and donate if you can.





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