MeRA25: Statement from Yanis Varoufakis on the Greek election results

MeRA25 not getting into Greek Parliament is the least of the problem. What is more significant is the Left’s disappointment for having failed to turn the austerity disaster into a progressive front and to prevent the channeling of anger to the far-right.

I thank the people of our Coalition and especially the independents who supported us. We will honour your trust.

Starting tomorrow, ahead of local and European elections, ‘MeRA25-Coalition for Rupture’ will work tirelessly for the reconstitution of the pluralist, ecological, unifying and selfless Left.

Never have our people needed such a Left in Parliament more than they do now. And never will such a Left be missing more from Parliament.

Nothing is lost for good, of course. I recall September 2009 – when a systemic government was elected with 44 percent, but within a few months the whole system collapsed under the weight of its debts and lies.

This time, the Reconstituted Left will have to be firmly prepared to support and express the people who will be losing the ground under their feet.

Thank you to all who voted for us, disproving the narrative that MeRA25 is falling apart.

I call upon all progressives in Greece, but also beyond Greece, to help DiEM25, to help MERA25, to help themselves create a genuine progressive alliance without any hegemonies or authoritarianism within our ranks.

Lastly, a huge thank you to all members of DiEM25, all members of the Progressive International, everyone who has been egging us on, supporting us, sending us wishes, having us in their progressive and radical thoughts. Carpe DiEM!

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