Statement by MeRA25 Greece leader Yanis Varoufakis on Greek election result

We have a sacred obligation to put the brakes on the Orban-isation of the country

The people have spoken. We at MeRA25 – Coalition for Rupture have fought the fight we had to, for the youth, for the many, for the principles of humanism and rationality. Tonight the Erdogan-isation and the Orban-isation of the country is complete.

“Mitsotakis Ltd” has won by a landslide. This is largely due to the leadership of SYRIZA, which buried proportional representation by not accepting our proposal, for the past two years now, for a pre-electoral convergence on a common front in favour of rupture. The result being the emergence of this incredible tsunami: a conservative front. SYRIZA promised certain things to people – things that ought to be done, only their doing required the rupture which the SYRIZA leadership demonised.

Our own defeat tonight will be put under the microscope of our rigorous self-criticism, because what comes first during the next three weeks is that we honour all people who believed in us and came to the polls – even though fewer than we expected – with smiles on their faces, to stand behind our proposals and our coherent government programme, which – whether you disagree or agree with it – is undoubtedly a very interesting and useful programme, a contribution to public debate.

This programme will be re-submitted in the coming weeks, coupled with the self-criticism that we will be undertaking, and I imagine with the support of a great many people out there who did not vote for us, but who now know that the oligarchs are popping the champagne because they hope that we will not return to Parliament to name and shame them and expose their crimes. I think, and hope, that the next result will be very different. We have a sacred obligation to all progressive people to put the brakes on the Orban-isation, the Erdogan-isation of this country. Thank you.

Will there be any cooperation with another party for the upcoming second election?

Absolutely not. You know very well that, between elections, there is no possibility for a programmatic agreement, and we have already rejected circumstantial ones from the very beginning.

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